When his teachers asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, the answer "explorer" was not taken seriously. They laughed because all land and seas had been discovered since a very long time. “It seems you will have to find something else” they said.

Well for ten years now, Jef Peeters has been proving the opposite. Travelling with a fascination for impressive architecture and faded glory, he searches for lost and forgotten places to be rediscovered. The temptation of the impermanent lures him to explore locations that were once very public and well known, but have long since become inaccessible due to the test of time. It’s in those places, where human activity has come to a standstill and nature takes back the upper hand, that he finds the pure beauty of decay.

He attempts to capture the atmosphere, the soul and the forgotten stories exhaled in total silence, turning them into storytelling images. After a period of intense adventures he has collected a very interesting and varied collection of photos, ready to be discovered by you.